Settled in San Francisco

Settled in San Francisco

In our latest blog from ‘The Cowboys Journal’, we announced our move of Communal Cowboy CBD out west to San Francisco, CA. With new territories comes new adventures and with new adventures comes new opportunities for exploration. To get ourselves acquainted with our new City, some of the boys and their friends took a quick trip to Mt. Tamalpais and spend a day getting lost with the views. 


With the help of some of our California friends, Tyler Yousif and Ryan Wall, we were able to capture some amazing shots. If you have never been out to Mt. Tamalpais then we recommend you do so ASAP.



This quick day journey perfectly embodied what we meant behind the meaning of our “Get Lost” clothing line and was the exact type of adventure we search for. 


Good friends, great views, and perfect weather. The ‘Boys couldn’t have asked for much more. 


Mental pictures.


We also had the time and opportunity to get the Cowboys on film thanks to Ryan’s Super 8 camera. 



These are a few behind-the-scenes looks at our Communal Cowboy Presents Super 8 Footage shot by Ryan. 


We can’t be 100% sure just yet, but we think Communal Cowboy CBD will make itself right at home on the west coast. 


And if you’re a fan of the camera work, make sure you show our California Cowboys your support and check out there work: 

Ryan Wall 



Tyler Yousif


Instagram: Tyluur

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