Expanding the Communal Cowboy Experience

Expanding the Communal Cowboy Experience

Communal Cowboy got its start as Austin's original cannabis brand. Our goal was to create a community of Cowboys who shared our love for cannabis culture and the idea of experiencing Ritualistic Relaxation. 

As we built our brand and added more Cowboys to the posse, Communal Cowboy became much more than just a cannabis brand. We took the company beyond consumable products and started creating small-batch drops of clothing and accessories. Hemp is part of our roots, so naturally we strive to use the plant to make sustainable goods. We dipped our toes in the water with our hemp totes, and will slowly make the plant a part of every piece we put out. 

We've also started hosting community-based events at our East Austin HQ called Backyard Sessions. We highlight local talent and bring people together with local brands.  

What started as Austin's original cannabis company has now grown into a communal experience. So whether you're into cannabis culture, dope clothes, or the arts, we've got a spot for you in our posse. 

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